Monthly Archives: August 2016

4 more days and I’ll reach my “guesstimate” due date. So far I’m only at 2cm dilation and I lost my mucus plug last Thursday. Still no contractions šŸ˜•. I think Baby Rex is on his daddy’s laid back schedule. Always late to everything.


Baby Rex is technically our rainbow baby. Although I’ve been hesitant to call him my rainbow child, he truly is my hope after the storm. A very long 4 year storm. 

I feel guilty calling him my rainbow baby though. Our miscarriage was so early on that we never realized we were pregnant until after the fact. The twins from the first IVF session didn’t really stick so I never did register a positive pregnancy. I feel like the title of rainbow baby should be reserved for those who truly suffered a tragic loss. Ones that went through all the expectant motions til the very end and suffered a tragic loss. I can’t imagine losing Rex now like some moms have. To be so close to the finish line and cross it empty handed. 

Hang on tight my #babylove. We’re almost there. 

We are officially 1cm dilated, which is nothing really. Some women stay at 1cm for weeks! Nonetheless, it’s still exciting. I keep telling Rex to wait til after August 5th to come. Cousin Cooper will not be very happy sharing his birthday with someone who is already stealing his Uncle Fun from him šŸ˜.