Taken too soon

July 21st tragedy hit our home. Our long time friend and mother of my two God sons was taken too soon from this world in a terrible camping accident. 

Nickie, as I sit here reflecting on our past, I can’t help but feel cheated by your early departure. I can’t help but feel the sadness of all that you’ll be missing from your childrens’ lives. Brooke turns 6 on Monday, Brayden turns 16 this year and will be learning to finally drive that crazy contraption of a car you got for him, Noah starting at the new charter school, and Elijah moving forth with his elite math program. Bong Ricky is so lost without you; the unfathomable task of trying to plan a funeral that you two never discussed the possibility of. Please visit and comfort him in his dreams. Let him know that you are ok and help him to deal with this sudden grief and new position of sole provider/parent. I will do my best to try and guide my God sons to always be the loving and God fearing men you’ve raised them to be. No one can ever take the place of their mother, but as their God mother, I can provide them with an alternative level of a mothers love and guidance. 

Rest easy my friend, the rest of us here on earth will take over now. We will make sure that Bong Ricky and the kids will always be surrounded by love and support during this grievous time. We will meet again in His Kingdom. 


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