Monthly Archives: June 2016

So last Friday I had the dreaded glucose test. Today the midwife calls to tell me that my sugar levels were so high that I’ve been diagnosed with….you guessed it. GESTATIONAL DIABETES. I now have to meet with a diabetic specialist and monitor my sugar levels with a blood poke 4 times a day ūüė©.  It is now a zero carb diet for me. Only meats and veggies. 


Someone was proud to show off his turtle yesterday. Of course Tuan says he gets it from his daddy. 

Someone has decided he would try to escape 3 months early yesterday.  After a shot of terbutaline to stop the contractions and 3 hours of fetal monitoring, we finally got to go home on the grounds that I spend the day resting. As for the video, hear all the “dog barking” like noises? That’s lil man trying to kick the sensors off my belly. He’s such a bratty boy. Let’s all pray he stops being so crazy and wait at least another 10 weeks to come… Rexie boy. 

We are 3 classes in on a 12 class course on the Bradley Birth Method. It’s a more detailed course that teaches you everything from relaxation techniques, massage methods and basic child care. What I love most about this course is that it’s very hands on with your husband/partner. They show the dads how to help us expectant moms deal with the how labor/delivery process, how to care for the infant so moms can rest, what key things to keep an eye out for to help new mommies transition into their new roles. 

Yesterday the dads had to pick out certain items out of a huge mixed stack of baby gear on the floor without any help from a female. They were able to help one another complete the task though. They had to pick out a onesie, wash cloth, burp cloth, bath towel and a diaper. The teacher then had them practice on give a doll a diaper change, sponge bath and dress them afterwards. It was all super cute. Tuan tells me after class that he can not wait to bathe Baby Rex!

Here’s the doll he chose to practice on…lol