Monthly Archives: April 2016

Baby Rex is now one whole pound and about the size of a corn on the cob. His moves are getting bigger and stronger today. I usually only feel him at night but today he’s been moving a lot. 

This is how daddy naps. He was hoping to feel Baby boy move, but he fell asleep. Cute aren’t they? Of course now that daddy is snoring away, Baby Rex decides to start moving hehe.


Baby Rex is now 21 weeks. About the size of a banana. He’s starting to move around more at night. He likes to dig into the right side of my rib cage.  

We are in Mississippi for cousin Baby Gavin’s baptism. Our first road trip without Daddy. Poor daddy is on call this weekend. Here’s cousin Gavin!

Hello world! I was practicing my kick boxing moves until the camera zoomed in on my face. Of course I had to pose sweetly with my hands on my cheeks. Mommy & Daddy say I’m already a high maintenance diva, but we shall see! Will I be a diva or a sweet rambunctious tornado? 

 We are now 19 weeks and counting. Next week my brother and sister from another mother/mister are throwing us a gender reveal party. I’ve been busily crafting these felted fish. What do you think? Pinterest success? I have quite a few more colors to do.