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Another week down! I tested my meat aversion this morning by eating a piece of sausage. So far so good! Yes….I know it’s Lenten Friday but according to the church, preggos get a free pass. Especially if a certain preggo hasn’t been eating very much for the past month. Poor Baby Le is probably going to be tiny and starving!

Our first appointment with the midwife got moved to this afternoon at 3pm. I can not wait. She personally called to let me know that she is excited to begin this journey with us. I feel so special!


I find this to be a very touchy subject with people. Most are quick to judge, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is entitled to their own birth plan. As I’ve stated at the beginning of this blog, this is purely informational. 

I have had a lot of years to think about the birth of my child. I have had every opportunity to research and experience the two most common types of births. I have actually experienced 90% of a home birth of one of my bestest and dearest. I say 90% because I had to leave to open the office and he decided to come before I could turn back around. He was her first born, he was 8lbs and is a healthy 10 year old.

After a lot of research, numerous interviews and the supportive blessings of our reproductive specialist & gynecologist…..we have decided to move forth with Nurse-Midwives at the Birth Center by Baylor Dallas. I am very excited!

Baby doesn’t like meat. Actually baby doesn’t like much of anything šŸ˜©šŸ˜­. Three more days and I’ll be 12 weeks. The end of the terrible first trimester. I hope things get better. All this constant gagging, nausea and headaches is wearing me down before we even got started. 

So I have been really quiet about updating this blog. So yes, if you see this, we did it! Today we are 9weeks and 5 days. We’ve had a really rough 9 weeks, Baby & I. With one hemorrhage scare at 6 weeks and more bleeding this past Monday, and severe bouts of nausea and exhaustion…..Mommy & Daddy have really been on edge. Yesterday’s scan showed that the subchorionic clot is gone and Baby is strong. He/she looked like they were waving at us too. Tuan was a pretty proud and relieved Papa. 

So please, you all can text us with any words of support or concern but please refrain from mentioning this on social media. We would like to just keep this happy news amongst our bestest supporters for just a while longer. Mums the word šŸ˜‰.