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Saturday we started our follicle stimulating injections. Top photo is my 7AM shot. Burns like crazy going in. It makes Tuan nervous to administer that one. For one, he’s usually dead asleep when I wake him up to do it, so he’s usually not quite all there.  The second one is at 9PM along with the lupron.

I also realized the possible retrieval day is only 9 days away. Which means the possible transfer date is only 12 days. Eeeeek!! When I say possible, it means it’s just a projected date. Everything will be determined on how I respond to the shots this week.


My labs this morning came back not so good. My estrogen levels are too low. Which means my ovaries aren’t responding very well to the drugs. We now need to double up on Menopur (7AM) injections. Double the burning power, ouch!

On top of that the labs show elevated levels of prolactin. It’s the protein mainly in charge of milk production. We aren’t sure as to why it’s elevated, but it calls for more blood work Wednesday. If the levels are still high then I will have to take something to lower it. Hopefully it’s only a false positive 🙏🏼.



I am thankful for all who keeps up with this blog. There are only about 20 people who have been given this link. I’d say probably only about half of that even keep up with it. 

It has been a turmoil of emotions since I started the injections this time around. I am completely exhausted even before I wake up these days. I am emotionally drained. There’s always a rainbow after the rain. 

So thank you. For all who take the time to keep in touch. For all who take the time to see how I’m doing. It really does mean the world to me, the effort no matter how small or big. It helps me to keep going.

Today I had the first baseline ultrasound and estradiol blood panel. They look to make sure the birth control has suppressed my ovaries and that I have 0-2 follicles. So far everything looks on track so I have the green light to start the stimulating injections on Saturday. 

Do you know how much work it is to take supplements everyday? I have to set alarms on my phone to remind me. Plus I have to have duplicates so that I have a set at home and one at work. At least these are tasty….for now.

Yesterday was my pre-start meeting with Ashley (Dr. Lee’s nurse). What was supposed to be an easy, no-brainer, turned into a very overwhelming appointment. Last IVF cycle all I had to remember was 9PM….always do one injection at 9PM. With this cycle being more aggressive, not only do I have higher dosages, I now have 3 injections a day. One at 7AM and two at 9PM. On top of all that I now have to limit my activities at a certain point to avoid ovarian torsion. That’s where your ovaries can get twisted because they are heavy with follicles. Apparently it will cut off its own blood circulation and die…causing gangrene and toxic shock 😳😳. Fat girl is going to need a wheelchair! 

So I start Lupron injections next Tuesday. This will put my ovaries to sleep so that they won’t produce any follicles. Then 11-28 we start injecting the stimulating hormones to put my ovaries on follicle producing hyperdrive. Projected retrieval date is 12-9 and projected transfer date is 12-13. Which means we would know if the embryos take 12-23 🎄🎄🎄. 

Yes, it seems so fast right? I feel like I can’t breathe!! 

Mister had his specimen analysis on Friday and the results came back today. His count is at 60.0 mil (need at least 16 mil) and motility is at 65% (need at least 40%). I guess I can stop saying his soldiers must have fat bellies like he does 😜.  Birth control starts tomorrow for 2 weeks and then we start lupron injections. The ball is finally rolling!