Monthly Archives: April 2014


This weekend I had the opportunity to meet Father Phi Nguyen from the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston who has a special gift of healing []. When I think of Priests, I usually imagine them in their black “off duty” wear with the traditional Roman collars. However, our first unofficial meeting was at Port O’ Connor where we went fishing. Father Phi was decked out in true fishermen Magellan fishing gear. It was sort of shocking to see a clergyman looking so……..pedestrian! He was a super nice guy and might have had the Holy touch since he kept pulling up fish after fish! Whereas I kept pulling up these teeny sea perches.

So after the usual Palm Sunday Mass, the selected group (about 35 people) that Father Phi invited for the special healing mass stayed behind. Now I have done a lot of research on whatever articles I could find on Father Phi before we came down. I came across this article []. Now usually when I think of people being filled with the Spirit, I think of the African American churches with their congregation dancing and throwing their hands in the air. This had me totally in panic mode. I did NOT want to be on the floor. So I attempted to be the last person possible. As each person got blessed, they were overcome with weakness and slid to the ground with the help of catchers standing behind them. This gave me the opportunity to pray to God to please open my heart and cast out the skepticism from my mind. Father Phi blessed in groups based on what they were wanting to be healed for. There was a white doctor who is battling cancer that came all the way from Houston with his family.

When it came to my turn it wasn’t like an overwhelming sense of spirituality knocking my feet out from under me as I had imagined. It was sort of a soft tingling sensation swirling around my head. Your body sort of relaxes and floats down to the ground with the help of the catchers (one being my uncle). I sort of laid there with my eyes closed and prayed. Prayed for God to heal me from the inside out. Then I just got up and still felt the light tickle of something flowing around the room. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Is this a hoax? What do you mean “something flowing”? What does that mean?? Well, I can’t really say. It’s just something you have to experience yourself, but I advise to go in with an open heart and an open mind. I was very skeptical of the whole process but I prayed very hard that God would hear my heart.

We shall see if His blessings are to come!