Unrest in my head. Unrest in my heart.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to adopt. Even if I were able to have my own flesh and blood…..I still want to adopt. Where to start, who to trust? Reading everything on the internet is so overwhelming. I was reading the news articles of these “toilet births” happening just makes me want to run out and tell every living soul that I have my arms wide open! No questions asked! That was actually the advice of one particular blog that I came across regarding private adoption. She was advised to spread the word of their intent. She handed out business contact cards to anyone that would listen. Eventually she was contacted by a woman who couldn’t afford another mouth to feed. Now, as much as every fiber of my being wants to grab all the available bill boards to scream “safe haven at Zodiac Dr”, I’m sort of a private person and only a handful of people even know about this blog. I’m torn. Infertility turns you into a crazy woman. Every day it’s a constant battle of anger and jealousy. Sometimes creeping up on hatred. It makes you feel alone. Alone with the battles in my head.

  1. mrsle210 said:

    Thanks for the post. I actually watched it in the car last night. I hope it doesn’t take us that long!

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