Monthly Archives: October 2013


Baby Thomas Hoang Le is the newest addition. With him only being 3lbs 11oz, the doc hasn’t cleared him for visitors yet. Don’t worry, Auntie & Uncle are ready to spoil you!


It seems lately that I’ve been very anti-social. I have begun to prefer being alone. Having to socialize with our friends runs the risk of the “baby” subject coming up. I would rather just not talk about it. I rather not let anyone know what I am really feeling inside. Not anyone that knows me anyways. How can I not feel desperation? How can I relax and not stress? How is that even remotely possible?

Fall is here! Where did the summer go? I can’t believe the holidays are fast approaching. I do enjoy the cooler breeze and no longer come to work with my uniform glued to my body.

Two weeks ago we went on a Caribbean cruise to Cozumel & Progresso. It was probably the most relaxing week we’ve had in years. We spent most of our time lounging and eating while on the ship. In Cozumel, we rented a speed boat and ran wild on the clear blue waters. First time to snorkel. Wasn’t as bad as trying to scuba in Nha Trang, VN. Poor Tuan had to swim with me me holding on for dear life to his hand. I think next time we should do the two-reef snorkel tour. I heard the guests got to see sea turtles!
If I could retire some place, it would be a place like Cozumel. It’s definitely my favorite place in the world right now.