Monthly Archives: July 2013

Today’s lab work showed that my estradiol levels are progressing nicely. Hopefully my ovaries are producing some nice follicles. My left side has been feeling kinda “heavy” lately. I don’t know if it’s because of the follicles growing or if it’s because it now sits behind my intestines.

Friday will be a repeat of today’s lab work and hopefully they schedule the “egg hunt” for next Wed/Thurs. Yippee!

We finally got Mushu in to see the vet today. She has a slight heart murmur that should be healed with meds. As for the bloody stools, he said she must have eaten something that upset her. So my Princess is not dying and that makes my heart much lighter!


It seems that my hot flashes have finally disappeared but now I am freezing all the time. I rather be cold than miserably hot but my jaws are sore from all the chattering. I also find myself feeling so exhausted all day long. My Up-band says that I am sleeping on average 7hours but why do I feel like my eyelids are made of concrete all day long?
I seriously think I need to take next week off to center myself and not be so stressed out. Too bad I am short staffed again. Is employment out there that competitive? What happened to our work ethic?

Officially started Follistim yesterday. Follistim starts to stimulate the ovaries to start growing follicles. I still have to keep up with the Lupron so that it keeps the follicles from ovulating on their own.
This weekend was also a very sad one. My very first dog, Mushu (a miniature dachshund) has been diagnosed with possible congestive heart failure and kidney failure. A very good friend of mine gave her to me for my 23rd birthday. Due to her sensitivity to change of environment, she has been living with my parents for the past 10 years. She has been eating and walking around like normal. She just can’t control her bowels. My mother wants to let her live her life out til the end. I am torn. She may not live with me, but she will always be my princess.

Then there’s the sudden passing of radio personality, Kidd Kraddick. Passed away in New Orleans at a charity golf tournament for Kidd’s Kids from a brain aneurism. Ironically, he did a segment earlier in the week on last goodbyes. I think it was God’s way of letting him say his goodbyes to all who loved him. My morning drives will never be the same. I have listened to his show ever since I first moved to Dallas in 2000. It will be a hard Monday for us all as we listen to the Cast as they publically discuss on air their thoughts and feelings of the sudden loss. RIP Kidd Kraddick. I pray that we all can help carry on the Kidd’s Kids charity that has touched so many families.

Today I had to go in and get some lab work done. The nurse accidently popped me with the band while getting my blood. I wanted to smack her! They will be looking at my estradiol levels to make sure it doesn’t get too high. My US showed no cysts on my ovaries so that’s good! My left ovary (the one who refused to produce any follicules) has decided to start early and apparently has many ready to start maturing. Saturday I will incoporate Follistim injections along with the current Lupron ones. This will get the follicles growing but the Lupron will now help keep them from ovulating on their own. Next week I have to repeat the same thing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Total chaos is about to descend. I better get my running shoes on.

I really wish I could get a good nights sleep! I think I get better rest napping during the day but that’s not possible at work. I really could use a quiet get away right now. September is so far away!

Yes. I know it’s Summer in Texas but I am always HOT!! Sitting in my car with the A/C on blast and I am still sweating bullets. At night the window unit runs on 60. Tuan is bundled in the comforter and I sleep with no blankets. Well…..try to sleep. I also suffer from random bursts of insomnia. I come home totally wiped out. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I am wide awake.
I can see why fertility treatments sometimes ruin marriages. It’s very stressful for the woman to try and find balance with all the hormones and still play the role of a wife. I am very lucky that Tuan is so laid back and patient. I still have to remind myself to chill out.

First Lupron injection went smoothly. Hubby was very brave. I had to close my eyes so he could do it. Lupron is going to put my ovaries to “sleep” so they don’t produce any follicles prematurely. I better enjoy these small needles while I can cause those other ones are much bigger…