Monthly Archives: June 2013

Started on the birth control pills last night. I hope they don’t make me blow up like a balloon like all the other times before. I also ordered the meds today. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much in one transaction. Even though Boss Lady gave me a bonus to offset the costs, it came out to be more than we were quoted. Hubby is already trying to find ways to recushion the savings account.

Looks like the ball is rolling. Slowly but surely. I hope the outcome is positive!

update: Nurse Ashely just called to schedule for my Pre-lab work up on July 11th. She says she will show me how to administer my injections (eeek). My first injection will be July 16th. Sometime
Between that and August 21st will be my procedure! Yay! Crossing all fingers and toes.


Mondays drive me nuts. It seems like everything that can happen, happens. Why can’t I be on vacation somewhere? A few days off at home will work for me. Stress makes me eat and right now I want chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes!

Spoke with nurse Ashley this morning. She has called in a round of BC pills to take for two weeks. I also need to order the rest of the meds today. They will call me in about a week and half to schedule a visit.

Walgreens called today to set up our account for the meds. They gave me some coupons to apply for a discount savings program. We also got the consent forms notarized. Mister got home early enough for us to get to the bank. Things seem to be moving along. I know once the actual process starts, I’ll have to be in every other day for tests. Exciting, yeah?

Picked up our IVF packet today. It feels like we are buying another house with all the forms and questionnaires to complete. On top of that, they all have to be witnessed or notarized. In the event of death or divorce…..what to do with frozen embryos…..interesting events to think about. Hopefully Tuan won’t want to divorce me after all this!

Speaking of death, I remember when I first realized we would eventually die. I was about 7-8 years old. I was thinking about the years (1990, 1991, etc). I asked my mom what happens when we got to the end. Would we start over with the year 1? She told me that numbers are infinite and that we all eventually get old and die. In a cycle, people are born and people die. I remember saying that I didn’t want her to die!!
This past weekend we went to Longview to visit the nephews, Colby and Caden. Colby has spent all of his life (6yrs) being near my mom, his grandma. He’s very attached to her and has had a very hard time adjusting living away from her. After the weekend was over and it was time to say our good byes, it didn’t go without tears. Even with promises to come back soon, Colby was inconsolable. He burst out that he wouldn’t get to see her if she died! Hmmm well that brought tears to my eyes. This ever so sensitive child is already worried about the devastation of death. Although it’s the natural order of life, it doesn’t make the lesson any easier.

Our loan just came through. Yay! Looks like I’ll be calling Dr Lee on Monday to get the ball rolling. I am so excited yet nervous. I’m still wearing my St Gerard pendant (Patron Saint of Fertility). Thinking I need to get the St Catherine of Sweden and St Catherine of Sienna (Patron Saint of Prevention of Miscarriage). Happy Friday!!